Flock, the game where you build a gang of flying sheep, releases next month

The game will be available day one via Game Pass.

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If you're into your cosy sims, and always wondered what it would be like to lead your very own flock of flying sheep and other cute critters, then Flock has the answers to all your questions. Coming from Hollow Ponds and Annapurna Interactive, Flock has just announced its release date in a new trailer.

After being revealed last year, Flock is finally nearly ready to come to our screens, as it'll launch on the 16th of July for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you're a Game Pass subscriber, you'll be able to get it day one.

You start with a small flock in the game, but as you fly over vibrant landscapes you'll be introduced to more sheep and some wild creatures that join your journey along the way.


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