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Flash Wolves claim victory at IEM Katowice

The Taiwanese League of Legends team impressed at the tournament.

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Katowice, Poland, recently saw a variety of League of Legends teams from across the world all gather for the Intel Extreme Masters tournament, and it was Taiwanese team Flash Wolves that eventually took home the trophy.

The line-up included H2K Gaming, M19, Unicorns of Love, Flash Wolves, Kongdoo Monster, ROX Tigers, Hong Kong Esports, and G2 Esports, the latter of which were placed into the competition after Cloud9 declined a place.

The first matches in Group A saw Korean team ROX Tigers beat Russian side M19, and H2K Gaming also defeated Hong Kong Esports, meaning the losers had to play each other in the lower bracket. Hong Kong Esports, however, sank M19, meaning they went on to play H2K Gaming, who had lost their match against ROX Tigers 2-1. H2K Gaming beat Hong Kong Esports by the same margin, however, meaning them and ROX Tigers progressed to the playoffs.

Strugglers in the Korean league, Kongdoo Monster faced off against top European team Unicorns of Love in Group B, and, as expected, faced defeat, just as G2 Esports did to Flash Wolves. G2 Esports redeemed themselves against Kongdoo Monster, winning 2-1, and also beat Unicorns of Love (as they did in the European league not to long ago) after UoL lost to Flash Wolves.

The playoffs then saw ROX Tigers take on G2 Esports, while Flash Wolves took on H2K Gaming, with both games being close, however, the final was set up for G2 Esports, as of yet undefeated in the European Championship Series (EU LCS) to take on Flash Wolves, who are also undefeated in Taiwan's Master Series (LMS).

Although G2 lost the final 2-0, it wasn't all dominance, as G2 looked very strong in the top lane in the first game, however, in the second game Flash Wolves really got into their stride and solidly won the last game, giving G2 Esports an uncharacteristic defeat.

Taiwan's LMS teams don't usually have much of the international spotlight, so this was definitely a bigger win for Flash Wolves than just IEM, and surely they'll ride this high back into the LMS. Do you think Cloud9 could have stopped them if they were there?

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