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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird to make a return?

Game's creator considering a return for mobile sensation.

Last month the gaming sensation Flappy Bird was pulled from iOS and Android platforms, with the game's creator citing addiction concerns surrounding the title as reason for its retraction. It's fair to say that the decision to withdraw the game caused a bit of an over-reaction from some fans.

But, it looks like the game may yet make a return, either in its original form or as a follow-up. "I'm considering it," the game's creator, Dong Nguyen, told Rolling Stone in a recent interview.

Flappy Bird's place on the market has since been taken by hundreds of clones seeking to fill the void left by the title. Nguyen confessed that he wasn't working a new version of the game, he did suggest that a future release would come with a warning for players, suggesting they "take a break" from playing.

Nguyen also confirmed that he's working on several new projects, with one set to be released as early as this month. A chess-themed action game called 'Checkonaut' was mentioned alongside a vertical flying game called 'Kitty Jetpack' and an unnamed cowboy-themed shooter.

Flappy Bird

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