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Fueled Up

Fix up spaceships and evade a cosmic octopus in Fueled Up

Fireline Games' developed party game will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One this year.

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There's something genuinely thrilling and entertaining about playing chaotic couch co-op party games like Overcooked and Catastronauts. If these styles of games are up your street, then we have an announcement that should take your fancy, as Fireline Games is looking to launch its take on the subgenre with the crazy Fueled Up.

Set to arrive sometime this year, this title asks 1-4 players to work together to fuel, fix, and recover damaged spaceships as fast as possible, before the evil Space Octopus wraps its deadly tentacles around you. Filled with all manners of hazards, including wormholes, asteroid showers, space squids, and more, this game is designed for couch co-op, but also features a frantic solo player mode as well, and online multiplayer support.

We're also told that Fueled Up will include bonus challenges that aim to add a little extra challenge to the already chaotic gameplay, and that there will be a controller sharing mode as well, that makes it even easier to jump into some couch co-op fun.

Check out the announcement trailer for Fueled Up below, as well as some screenshots.

Fueled Up
Fueled UpFueled Up
Fueled UpFueled Up

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