Five expectations and hopes for Summer Game Fest Live

We've had a dig around and come up with a bunch of hopes and expectations for this year's annual show.

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It's that time of the year again when we as gamers can look forward to a massive wealth of announcements and reveals. This year is a little different to what came before it however, as there are fewer conferences to look forward to, but that doesn't change the fact that there are some big shows taking place this week. And to start it all off is the annual event hosted by Geoff Keighley: Summer Game Fest. With the show set for June 9, we've had a think about five things we'd like to see and five things we expect to see during this year's show.

We expect to see Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Activision and Infinity Ward has said that there will be a full reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II tomorrow, on June 8. But considering Summer Game Fest is the day after, and considering Activision is a partner of the show, and that Call of Duty: Vanguard had a rather large presence at last year's Summer Game Fest - if you ask us, the stars are aligning for Modern Warfare II to make an appearance, perhaps in the form of a lengthy gameplay demo.


We hope to see Bloober Team's Silent Hill

Bloober Team has yet to actually confirm that it is making a new Silent Hill game, despite its partnership with Konami, which became official last year. But, the fact that the developer is a partner at this year's show makes it seem like the rumours of this upcoming Silent Hill game are about to be addressed on the global stage - at least we hope so.

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We expect to see Saints Row

Deep Silver being a partner for this year's show basically affirms that we'll see the Saints Row reboot in some form on Thursday evening. The game is still expected to launch at the end of August, meaning it'll likely be too late for a final batch of hyping up at Gamescom Opening Night Live, and so we expect Deep Silver and Volition to give us a good look at the title to prepare for that imminent release.

We hope to see Sonic Frontiers

Sega and Sonic Team revealed a very quick selection of gameplay for this upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog title recently, and now considering Sega is a partner of the Summer Game Fest, we're hoping that we'll get to see more of the blue speedster's next adventure and hopefully even get to know exactly when it will launch later this year.

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Five expectations and hopes for Summer Game Fest Live

We expect to see Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

This is kind of cheating a little bit as Capcom will most likely be using Keighley's show as one of its final efforts to drive some attention and hype for the new Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak. Expect to get a new trailer, and maybe some extra information about the imminently launching extra batch of content.

We hope to see The Cuphead Show! Season 2

This one might be a bit of stretch considering Keighley is also tapped to host the Netflix Geeked Week Gaming section the day after Summer Game Fest, but the crossover and the fact that both Netflix and Studio MDHR are both partners for this year's show gives us hope - even if that hope will likely be side-lined for another showing of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course instead. Either way with the second season planned for summer 2022, no doubt we'll hear more about it soon.

We expect to see Forspoken

Following the recent delay that pushed Forspoken out of its original May release, we've seen less of the Luminous Productions title. But, with its release date now set for October 11 this year, and considering Square Enix doesn't seem to have its own showcase planned for anytime soon, we think the publisher being a partner for this year's event suggests that we'll get to see this RPG once again.


We hope to see A Plague Tale: Requiem

A while ago, the Microsoft Store leaked that A Plague Tale: Requiem would be launching on June 17. This was never confirmed and was soon scrubbed, but the fact that Focus Entertainment is a partner for Summer Game Fest gives us hope that we'll get both a new trailer and a release date for A Plague Tale: Requiem, which is still expected to launch this year.

We expect to see Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Geoff Keighley pretty much go hand-in-hand these days, so even if Mediatonic wasn't a partner for this year's event, we'd probably still hedge our bets that the delightful battle royale would be making an appearance, especially when considering the fact that on June 21, it will be making its debut on Xbox and Nintendo Switch finally.

We hope to see Dead Space Remake

This may be a bit of a stretch again, as EA will likely want to keep this title for a showcase operated by itself, but regardless, the fact that EA is a partner this year, makes us hope that we'll get a deeper and better look into the remade survival horror game Dead Space Remake, which is expecting to launch in January 2023.

Five expectations and hopes for Summer Game Fest Live

These are just some of our predictions and hopes for Summer Game Fest. Let us know what you're expecting and hoping to see during the show, which will start at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST on June 9.

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