Five best characters in the Multiversus

When you've downloaded MultiVersus and you're in the mood to beat up other mascots online, who should you choose?

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Last year's monster hit MultiVersus is back again, and this time as a complete game. This means that anyone can download it (it's free-to-play after all) and start fighting with all kinds of mascots. I've already reviewed the game and you can read what I think about it here.

To assist you in getting started, I thought I'd present my top five fighters in the finished game (which has quite significant differences from the beta, where even the characters have been redesigned and an entire class dropped). But before I start by presenting my own top list of the best characters in MultiVersus, I thought I'd undermine my own opinion. The game hasn't even been out for a week yet and obviously no one has had time to max out the fighters, and as we know from Street Fighter II, for example, characters can be considered better or worse decades after the title's release as new combinations and ways of (mis)using the game system are discovered.

Therefore, I choose to present my own selection method. I might as well declare here and now that I have maybe 100 hours in the game (not counting the beta, but I had to start a bit in the role of reviewer). That means I don't have an ultra-clear view, and there will definitely be things discovered later on that will overturn everything. However, fighting is a favourite genre for me and I have a decent grasp of it, and I have the privilege of being able to call myself friends with some of the greatest Swedish fighting players we've ever had, and thus been able to play with and against them.

With that said, this list is meant for the vast majority of you, those who think it's fun with fighting and want to be able to become good, without belonging to the esport candidates. For you, this list will be a good help to know where to start. So with that said, good luck and make sure to kick some serious mascot ass!

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(5) Arya Stark


Arya was famously the deadliest character in Game of Thrones, and unsurprisingly, she had no problem slaying mascots in the MultiVersus beta. And even in the finished game, she is absolutely phenomenal. Combined with a fighter like Black Adam (who makes it easier for Arya to attack from behind), I'd even say she could be a candidate for the game's best character. The fact that she is also the most varied character in the game means that opponents never really know what to expect as she can also use their own attacks against them. Combined with a good range, good strength and high speed, this makes Arya a very versatile and powerful enemy.

(4) Black Adam


This is perhaps a somewhat surprising choice for those who prefer to play one-on-one, because the character wouldn't fit there. But I've found that you always want to fight with a Black Adam on your team because of his great combos that lock down an opponent and make it hard for the other team to fight as a team. And his regular punch combo also sends the opponent away in one throw, which with a co-ordinated teammate means reliable and devastating attacks with a very good chance of sending the character off the field. Plus, his electricity is a misery to fight against and means that no one gets any free attacks and has to constantly be on their toes. Black Adam may be a Bruiser, but he's also the game's finest support character right now.

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(3) The Joker


There is no other character I've had such insanely annoying encounters with online as The Joker. People who are really good with the clown make life hell for everyone else by utilising all his insane tricks like his balloons and pies. The worst, however, is the rocket launcher, which is not only fast, but also very deadly. In fact, Player First Games seem to have realised that they've created a veritable monster and have solved it by giving him a hefty cooldown between attacks, but since he's fast and agile, it's usually something that can be dealt with. I think The Joker is a serious candidate for being the most fun fighter to play as, and I suspect he'll be nerfed somewhat - so take the opportunity to gloat.

(2) Banana Guard


My knowledge of Adventure Time is extremely limited, so I had no expectations of Banana Guard. But what we have here is probably the game's clearest and most easily played fighter. We're talking good strength and good speed combined with fantastic range. It makes it a pure joy to take on the opponent as a beginner and make sure to equip him with Speed Force Assist and Pugilist for increased speed and strength, and you will be deadly right from the start. Pair Banana Guard with Black Adam and you'll have many more experienced players crying uncontrollably. As with The Joker, I fear a nerf for Banana Guard, but bless the joy that will last forever.

(1) Superman


Old Superman has never been one of my favourites, despite being a DC enthusiast. The fact that he can do everything and more but is allergic to green space rocks and wears the callipers on the outside of his suit is... hard to stomach. But in MultiVersus he's my favourite and just like in the beta, I think he's the ultimate fighter to start with to learn the game system. Not only is he insanely strong, but he's also quite fast and his ability to fly means that he has an easier time than anyone else getting back into the arena again after being far out. The fact that he also automatically takes enemies he flies past with him for an honest right hook also means that Superman can relatively easily knock out people who are basically unharmed.

Vem är din MultiVersus-favorit?

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