PUBG: Battlegrounds

FirstBlood launching a PUBG desktop app to track scores

Prizes and qualifiers are on the line for those who do well.

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Competition platform FirstBlood has revealed the initial details of the FirstBlood Royale desktop app, which allows players to "bring additional layers of competition to PUBG," as explained in the press release, tracking players in-game while the app runs in the background.

What's more is that those with the best scores in FirstBlood Royale scoring will win the Bounty Hunt and take home a number of prizes. There are also challenges to compete and prizes to be won every day, week, and month too, as well as spots in qualifiers to compete against pro players in esports competitions.

"The FirstBlood Royale App is the next step for grassroots PUBG competition and play," said FirstBlood CEO Joe Zhou. "Our app allows anyone to compete for prizes just by playing PUBG as they normally would, entering into the world of competitive gaming without doing anything different. We believe our app will help talent be discovered by the top echelons of the PUBG scene, and we hope that it will even benefit those players who are already at the very top level."

Early access for the app can be found here. Do you think this is a good idea from FirstBlood?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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