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      Rogue Company

      First Watch Games "would love" to add map voting to Rogue Company, but notes that it's "a bigger arc of work"

      As part of the newly announced Project Saint, we're told that the feature is "on our radar".

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      As part of the Hi-Rez Showcase, First Watch Games (the developer behind Rogue Company) revealed a bunch of new content coming to the third-person shooter. Not only was a new Rogue called Glimpse announced, but we also got a look at a new map known as Meltdown, as well as a little teaser of what is to come in 2022.

      As part of the plans for the future, it was expressed that 2022 will be a year focussed on refining and bettering the Rogue Company experience (we can still look forward to new content nonetheless), with Project Saint being the newly launched initiative to get this job done. To get an idea about how this system will operate and what we can look forward to coming as part of it, we recently caught up with Hi-Rez Studios' brand manager, Alex Cantatore to chat about Project Saint and how focusses are determined.

      "It's 100% community-driven," said Cantatore. "We're working really closely with all of Rogue Company leadership and our community managers to kind of help put this list in order and see what should our priorities be and what are the things that matter the most to our community, and how can we get those done as soon as possible and as well as possible."

      In terms of what is on the list and how First Watch is prioritising these issues, Cantatore also touched on that as well.

      "There are some things that people have talked about, that we've talked about a lot internally that would just be a really big arc of work and even though it would make people happy, maybe we can check off five smaller systems, which would make people even happier. It's a lot about balancing our resources versus community sentiment to try and come up with exactly what the community wants as best as we can. One example of a system that we keep talking about and is something that we would love to do is map voting, but that's a bigger arc of work," Cantatore expressed. "It's one of those things that's on our radar and we would love to do in the future at some point if we can figure out the best way to do it technically."

      You can catch our full interview with Cantatore and Rogue Company's art director Kenzie Lamar below, where we also talk a little about Glimpse, Meltdown, and more.


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