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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

First Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit event is all about glasses

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Super Smash Bros. fans have no doubt been hammering away at their controllers and their fellow players since the game came out last week, and there's more good news, as the first spirit event will be kicking off at 06:00 GMT (07:00 CET) tomorrow.

This first themed event is called A Spectacle to Behold - a pun which makes sense once you realise that it's all about celebrating glasses, goggles, and anything else that goes on the eyes. Basically, this means more specific spirits to be found during this time, including four Ace and Legends spirits. Below is the list of spirits you can find more easily during this period:

  • Jeff (Earthbound) — 1pm to 1am CET every day

  • James McCloud (Star Fox) — 6am to 6pm CET every day

  • Brittany (Pikmin) — 10am to 10pm CET every day

  • Brewster (Animal Crossing) — 4pm to 4am CET every day

  • Kazuhira Miller (Metal Gear Solid)

  • Nikki (Swapnote)

  • 9-Volt and 18-Volt (WarioWare)

  • Lloyd (Earthbound)

  • Elite Beat Agents (Elite Beat Agents)

  • Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy)

  • Crusty Sean (Splatoon)

  • Annie (Splatoon)

  • Gracie (Animal Crossing)

  • Orbulon (WarioWare)

  • Teddy (Mother)

  • Toadies (Yoshi's Island)

  • Madame Couture (The Legend of Zelda)

  • Wrinkly Kong (Donkey Kong)

  • Fawful (Mario and Luigi)

  • Cereza (Bayonetta)

  • Strangelove (Metal Gear Solid)

  • Nick (Captain Rainbow)

  • Sumo Brothers (Rhythm Heaven)

  • Baxter and Forthington (WarioWare)

  • Sick Beats Doctor (Rhythm Heaven)

  • Muddy Mole (Mole Mania)

  • Coraline (StreetPass)

  • Bisk (Splatoon)

  • Tatsu (Xenoblade Chronicles)

  • Lyle (Animal Crossing)

  • Count Cannoli (Wario)

  • Moley (Kirby)

  • Professor Chops (Donkey Kong)

  • Toadsworth (Super Mario)

To give a bit of context, spirits appear on the spirit board at random, and this week we'll be seeing more spirits with glasses to unlock, which is just the start of the undoubtedly numerous themes Nintendo will deploy throughout the game's lifetime.

These events will appear weekly, so expect a new themed spirit event next week, similar to the kinds of events we see in Splatoon 2, which are a good way to keep people coming back to see what's new.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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