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Phoenix Point

First screen lands for Xcom creator's new game Pheonix Point

It's looking mighty similar to Xcom, unsurprisingly.

A few months back a new game from the creator of the original Xcom, Julian Gollop, was announced. It was merely teased though, with no gameplay or even a screenshot to speak of.

Now, a single image taken from the game has emerged, and unsurprisingly it's looking very similar to Xcom. And if you ask us, that's no bad thing.

The screenshot shows a soldier taking on a giant hulking beast, and the player seems to have the ability to targets its limbs individually. Think VATS from Fallout.

Below the image you can also see some gruesome looking concept art that has been released over the last few weeks, which gives us an idea as to the direction that the studio is taking.

We still don't know much about the game beyond a few choice words: "world based strategy, turn based tactics", but we're sure to find out loads more during the E3 reveal in just over a week.

Phoenix Point
Phoenix PointPhoenix PointPhoenix PointPhoenix Point

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