Rhythm Paradise Megamix

First Rhythm Paradise 3DS trailer shows new mini-games

Part compilation, part new game, this new entry is already looking like the definitive edition for fans.

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Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus was officially announced in Japan back in January for Nintendo 3DS, and its potential launch overseas was teased at the beginning of this month.

Now, the game is about to launch (June 11th) in Japan, and its very first trailer finally shows a bunch of the completely new, never seen rhythm mini-games. With 70 classic challenges taken from the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Wii entries, and 30 of these new levels, this looks like a true best of compilation for fans, as the handheld is able to combine both the button-based and touch-based simple control methods.

While keeping your fingers crossed for a Western launch, turn the volume up, get ready to dance and play the full trailer followed by the funny Nintendo's own Satoru Iwata presentation:


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