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First official Nordic FIFA 19 tournament happening tomorrow

All four nations are putting teams forward as they prepare to face off for glory and bragging rights across the region.

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EA Sports has announced that tomorrow the first official esports tournament for FIFA 19 in the Nordics will take place. The Helsinki Expo Center will host 200 spectators as they watch the top national teams battle it out for supremacy.

The match format is best-of-three, with one 2v2 match followed by two 1v1s, and all four teams - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland - will take part. A round-robin group stage will determine who moves onto the semi-finals before the medal games take place, at which point teams will fight for the third-place playoff and the grand final.

Below is the schedule, with all times in local time (GMT+2):

Time: Match Home/Away

11:00: Match 1 Finland - Denmark
12:00: Match 2 Norway - Sweden
13:00: Match 3 Norway - Finland
14:00: Match 4 Denmark - Sweden
15:00: Match 5 Sweden - Finland
16:00: Match 6 Denmark - Norway
17:30: Semi 1 A1 - A4
18:30: Semi 2 A2 - A3
20:00: Bronze L8 - L7
21:00: Final W7 - W8

Discovery will be broadcasting the event in Denmark, while Finland is handled by Yle, Norway by TV2, and Sweden by Sportbladet. We don't have long to wait until the action kicks off, but the squads can be found below.

Who are you cheering for?


Daniel 'Dingo' Klink Nørremark Kristensen - Player
Frederik 'Fredberg' Fredberg - Player
Daniel Bodo Barnewitz - Player & Coach


Eemeli 'Snipguy' Simpanen - Player
Markus 'MakezCR' Moilanen - Player
Anton 'Anzinho' Korvenaho - Player
+ 1 from Finnish tournament held on Feb 1st


Anders 'SvagulaUltim8' Rasmussen - Player
Sondre 'Sondrevoktor' Voktor - Player
Arkan 'Forzajuvee96' Resul - Player
Magnus 'NVD_Hyper' Myhrhaug Kristiansen - Player
Marius Hjerpseth - Coach
Mats Theie Bretvik - eFootball manager


Ivan 'BorasLegend' Lapanje - Player & Coach
Olle 'Ollelito' Arbin - Player
Pontus 'GGFrolle' Frostvik - Assistant Coach


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