PUBG: Battlegrounds

First look at PUBG's new desert map and, maybe, pushbikes

The community gets excited about the prospect of peddling into battle.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is about to grow via the addition of a new map set in an inhospitable desert region. We don't know much about it at the moment other than the fact that it's inspired by Peruvian deserts, and that there'll be sandstorms.

What we can see from the pictures is a plain and dusty backdrop, with a couple of hills and a few buildings spread along the map. There is a car, maybe broken, a bicycle (good for stealth attacks, per chance) and also a train. Not many places to hide though, right?

There's another new environment related to the game worth a quick mention, with Bluehole setting up a development team in Madison, Montana, in the US. Developer Brendan Greene mentioned the studio when sharing a couple of conceptual screens of the desert area that players will be getting in the future.

"I'm at our new @PUBATTLEGROUNDS office in Madison today. The team is working on our desert map. Here's a WIP preview of this new location...", Greene wrote on Twitter.

This is just one of the two new maps Greene talked about the E3 2017; the other one is based on a snowy location somewhere around the Adriatic.

PUBG: Battlegrounds
PUBG: Battlegrounds

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