The Last Oricru
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First Look at GoldKnight's The Last Oricru & Massive Work's Dolmen

Prime Matter gave us a taste of high-fantasy RPG as well as cosmic horror soulslike action.

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The publisher Koch Media wants to expand its own sales initiatives and for this purpose a new company label called "Prime Matter" has been launched. In the future, this branch will also act as a content creator that will interact with their own audiences. At a press conference, we were informed about twelve titles that the company will be responsible for from autumn. We already know some of the projects, while others have been recently announced. Most of the games won't reach us until next year at the earliest, but others were advanced and we got to see them more extensively. In this article you will find out what Prime Matter is planning for fans of rock-hard sci-fi action or more consistent fantasy role-playing games.

The Last OricruThe Last OricruThe Last Oricru

The Last Oriru

The indie studio GoldKnights from Prague is working on a new role-playing game called The Last Oricru. The third-person adventure transports us into a "medieval fantasy world" that gathers various factions, including humanoid beast tribes. The ruling parties' fight over domination unearths a civil war in which we find ourselves trying to survive. Because we tend to show up at the right places with perfect timing, we are allowed to make many decisions throughout the game that will cast long shadows, explained the publisher Prime Matter. For example, we can help a particular group achieve their goals or work against them in order to gain a personal advantage. So that we might later regret our decisions, the combat system is supposed to be challenging and tough.

According to PR spokesman Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, an offline friend can join the action in split screen coop - however, this option is apparently not available for online players. The developers showed a boss fight against a huge spider in a dungeon. Fighting the beast with a sword or wielding magic won't have much of an effect if you are not a skilled fighter, but if you lure the monster into the right position, a second player can drop a portcullis on it, which would quickly end the monster (if the timing is correct). Don't think you can cheese the whole game, though, since the difficulty scales in multiplayer mode. By doing so, the developers want to ensure that both play styles are equally challenging and rewarding no less.

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The Last Oricru will provide simple RPG entertainment, with equipment and skills that we can reinforce and upgrade. The experience shouldn't be too deep, because the developers want to concentrate on decision making instead. From what we saw until this point, there are many elements that are reminiscent to the games from Piranha Bytes (Gothic, Elex), but we'll have to see that for ourselves next year, when The Last Oricru is releasing on PC and consoles.

The Last OricruThe Last Oricru
The Last OricruThe Last Oricru
The Last Oricru will feature offline coop via splitscreen.
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A new Soulslike set in a dark sci-fi universe is coming our way from Brazil. Dolmen is the name of this action RPG made by Massive Work Studio who has been working on this project since late 2016. The game is entering the last stages of production, which is the reason why the developers were able to present us ten minutes of gameplay from the beginning. In Dolmen, we play as the commander in his mighty looking nano suit. He is looking for samples of Dolmen Crystals - "cybernetic high-tech organisms".

Why we're doing this and what else the story has to offer is still unclear, but H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger have been cited as sources of artistic inspiration. FromSoftware's Souls games provide the obvious template for the gameplay: In combat, we have melee and ranged weapons at our disposal and they can be equipped with various perks and additional effects. Enemy attacks can be parried, which also applies to range shots. Endurance is another factor to be aware of in the battles, but there is an "energy mode" that bypasses this limitation (while strengthening our attacks and adds additional effects to them). Should we die, and Dolmen certainly looks like one of these games, we leave behind a pile of Dolmen Crystals that should be collected in the next try so that we don't lose progress.

Dolmen is slender in terms of production values, but there is certain creativity in the amount of ideas we saw in a sizzle trailer. While the gameplay looks like it is lacking visual hit detection, the Soulslike formula is definitely there. If you've had fun with budget titles like Hellpoint, then the cosmic horror twist might be up your alley, too. According to the publisher, multiplayer content will also be available in Dolmen, but it's unclear what exactly that might look like. The game is planned for PC and consoles and it will release next year.

The Last OricruThe Last OricruThe Last Oricru
The Last OricruThe Last Oricru

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