Life is Strange

First episode of Life is Strange is free on all platforms

Pick it up starting tomorrow on your platform of choice.

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The wonderful episodic adventure Life is Strange delighted us from start to finish last year, and now publisher Square Enix and developer Dontnod Entertainment have announced that the first episode will be free starting tomorrow. There's no end date for the promotion so presumably it'll be free from here on out.

"Although our team set out to create an award-winning narrative we still cannot believe the response we've had from players of Life is Strange" said Oskar Guilbert, CEO of Dontnod Entertainment. "We're really glad that Square Enix have decided to give the first episode away for free so more players can begin their journey and see why people have fallen in love with the game for themselves".

All platforms the game has seen release on PC/Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One are included in the offer. So if you've been on the fence, you can now pick it up and give it a go at no cost.


If you want to read up on the game here's our review of the full game.

Life is Strange

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