Super Lucky's Tale

First DLC for Super Lucky's Tale available now

Gilly Island introduces a new area.

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In a bit of a surprise move Microsoft and developer Playful Corp have released the first Super Lucky's Tale DLC today, called Gilly Island. This additional content includes a brand new explorable area, a tropical island occupied by Lady Meowmalade, who wants to organise a party on this little slice of paradise to celebrate the launch of her new single (apparently it's really rubbish). Lucky is naturally tasked with stopping her, saving the inhabitants of Gilly Island and bringing order to the island.

You can already download the DLC ($4.99/€4.99) through the Microsoft Store for those who already own the game. To learn more about Gilly Island, we recommend that you take a look at the trailer below. You can also read our review of Super Lucky's Tale over here.


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