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Disney Dreamlight Valley

First Disney Dreamlight Valley update will bring Scar

And it'll arrive in around three weeks.

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Gameloft has given an idea as to when the first content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley will arrive, and likewise, what the update will be bringing.

As noted in a Twitter thread, we're told that the update will be tackling various bugs and issues, including progression problems and crashes, as well as looking to improve lighting effects, PS4 optimisations, Switch audio, rain not watering crops, and more.

But to add to this good stuff, the update will also be bringing Scar (aka Mufasa's cruel brother). We're not told much else about this character, but it is said that there will be a continuation of the main story alongside Scar's arrival, as well as an improvement to the photo mode, plus some new avatar poses.

As for when the update will arrive, all that Gameloft has announced is that it will be "in around 3 weeks".

Disney Dreamlight Valley

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