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Diablo IV

First 1,000 people to reach Immortal in Diablo IV's hardcore mode to be immortalised in-game

The first 1,000 players will be etched into history on a statue.

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If you needed any other reason to be excited for Diablo IV, Blizzard may have just provided that, as in a recent tweet, we're told that the first 1,000 players to reach level 100 in-game on the hardcore mode will literally be etched into history.

The 1,000 individuals will have their usernames immortalised on an in-game statue of Lilith, and as the Ultimate Edition of Diablo IV debuts later this week, on June 1, the race to be part of this elusive set of names will officially kick off on Thursday.

There are a few catches with this race however, as anyone who has participated in the review process that has been ongoing throughout May will not be eligible, and likewise those who want to be commemorated will need to meet certain criteria, including sending a public tweet to @Diablo with a hashtag, their full name, and some form of proof of the achievement.

You can read the full rules about the offer right here.

Diablo IV

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