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Fireworks turned off in Watch Dogs 2 after noise complaints

Just like in real life.

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The American holiday on July 4, also known as Independence Day, is often accompanied by loud fireworks that, while spectacular, aren't to everyone's tastes, and Ubisoft found that this was the case in the virtual world too when they added them to Watch Dogs 2, and has announced on Reddit that they had to remove them.

"The people have spoken and we have carried out their will! There was an annoying bug that snuck into our Independence Day Event that made the sound effects from the fireworks noticeable from everywhere on the map. They have been turned off as to avoid any further noise complaints. Happy 4th of July, everyone! Be safe and don't light your fireworks too late."

When some lamented the removal of the fireworks, Ubisoft responded saying: "We liked them too! But when you're playing the game at night for hours and can't escape the popping no matter where you are, that's not a positive experience for the player. It's not possible to rush a fix for this so we made a tough choice to remove them. The heart says no but the ear drums say yes."

This comes after Ubisoft initially were resistant to complaints, saying on the Ubisoft forums that "the fireworks are a fun display added to celebrate Independence Day! While you may find them loud in-game, they are really loud in real life too! The sound carries over the water and you can hear them all over the Bay! They will only be firing until the 10th so find a spot to enjoy them while you can!"

Did you find the Watch Dogs 2 fireworks annoying?

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