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Firewatch gets full Audio Tour update

Campo Santo adds commentary, concept art and more to coincide with the Xbox release.

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Campo Santo's indie hit Firewatch will be seeing a pretty significant update seven months after its initial release. The new Audio Tour mode will give a behind the scenes look at the development of the game including around three hours of commentary from the Campo Santo team and voice actors involved in the project.

"A few months ago we sat down and thought it'd be great to ship a commentary mode with Firewatch, so, we did the logical next thing and started making one," Sean Vanaman of Campo Santo wrote on Steam ."And then we made some more. And then we thought it'd be neat to build some exhibits out in the forest that would show you how we made certain things in the game. Then we added a scavenger hunt. Then, after a time, we realised we didn't have a commentary mode on our hands, we had a full-on audio tour and tomorrow you'll get to play it!"

The new mode will include almost 100 collectible audio tapes, displays of concept art, lighting demos, animation how-to's and a few minor bug fixes. The Audio Tour will not add a free-roaming mode though, which is something that has been requested by fans since the game's release, although Campo Santo has stated it is currently working on one.

Firewatch Audio Tour will go live on September 21 to coincide with the official Xbox One release. What do you think of these new features?


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