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In the Valley of Gods

Firewatch developers reveal In the Valley of Gods

Time to leave Yellowstone and go to Egypt.

The folks over at Campo Santo have always said that they had some ideas for what they'd do after finishing Firewatch, but we didn't expect to hear anything more specific about this for a long time. Boy, were we wrong.

The studio decided to reveal In the Valley of Gods during last night's The Game Awards show, and the trailer we received shows Rashida and Zora, two disgraced documentary makers that are trying to return to their former glory by finding the lost Tomb of Nefertiti in the 1920s. That won't be easy, however, as they didn't exactly leave on good terms when their careers flopped years ago. Both of them are wanting to find the tomb, though, so desperate times and all that.

Then it makes sense that In the Valley of Gods will, just like Firewatch, focus on the relationship between two adults with their own personality and goals. This time, however, we're talking about two adults that will actually be in the same place, which will take it to another level according to Campo Santo.

Another difference is that filming the documentary will be a big part of the game. Setting up the equipment and filming different things will supposedly make each playthrough unique, although they can't go into more details at this time as the game is still in very early development.

If everything goes according to plan, it'll launch on PC sometime in 2019, and we might get it on consoles as well, although they want to prioritise PC for the time being.

Can this top Firewatch though?

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In the Valley of Gods

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