Stronghold: Warlords

Firefly Studios reveals Stronghold: Warlords spring/summer roadmap

The plans for the title include fixes, new warlords, and even harder difficulties.

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Firefly Studios recently released its latest 'castle sim' Stronghold: Warlords, and while the game received mixed reviews, the developer is not holding back on its plans to expand the title. In a recent developer video, the spring/summer roadmap was unveiled, and there seems to be a whole range of new features coming to the strategy game.

First on the list is a patch coming next week that is set to introduce bug fixes, but also the new extreme difficulty for the players out there who are looking for a truly challenging experience.

Then, down the line, improvements to AI are noted, and after that new maps are on the way, and following that is the new free build invasions, which will allow you to build a castle of your dreams and then proceed to hurl armies at it to test its strength.

There are also two major updates planned, one of which is slated to include Sun Tzu as a new AI lord, as well as a new castle design, new strategies, and more. The second, called Skirmish Trial #1, is expected to bring a 10-mission trail, a new unit, new warlords, and even a field hospital.

Take a look at the roadmap graphic below.

Stronghold: Warlords

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