Halo Infinite

Firefight: King of the Hill added to Halo Infinite

One of the most requested Halo modes makes a comeback in Master Chief's latest adventure.

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Firefight is a mode inspired by the Horde concept from the Gears of War franchise, and was originally added in Halo 3: ODST. Since then, there has been a version of Firefight in most major Halo releases, and today also including Halo Infinite.

The new mode is called Firefight: King of the Hill, which seems to largely follow the same rules as in ODST, with a few differences explained on Halo Waypoint:

"Our take on Firefight is in many ways close to the previous iterations of Firefight you remember. You and three other Spartans will face waves of Banished foes until you prevail... or die trying. The experience is entirely PvE, so there are no other human players to sweat against—just you, your fireteam, and Halo Infinite's awesome cast of campaign enemies.

When the game starts, a hill will spawn, and waves of progressively harder Banished enemies will try to capture that hill. Your job is to take the hill from them and hold it until you capture it. A Boss Wave, filled with tougher than usual enemies (and spearheaded by a named High Value Target or Boss), spawns once you've reached a certain amount of hill progress."

Piece of cake? Probably not. Make sure to play Halo Infinite today as Firefight has now been added as a part of Season 5: Reckoning.

Halo Infinite

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