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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses grants XP while playing online

You'll also get equipment when you play online as well, as we've discovered ahead of release later this month.

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Here at Gamereactor we're playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses for our review, and after our time in the first act we have some information to share. For example, we've noticed that the new tactical RPG from Intelligent Systems has some online features we didn't know about before playing, and if you're connected to the internet with your Switch, you will get statistics on other players' activities and some benefits in battles.

In the Officer's Academy we have many options available every Sunday. For example, we can go out to dine with the students, take part in various side activities, or receive further training in special fields of learning. All of this takes time and is thus finite, so it can be helpful to see what other players have achieved at this point in history or how they have spent their time in advance.

In the schoolyard you can also meet "exchange students", or unknown players who sell weapons at low prices. Since items will wear out and need to be repaired on a regular basis, you can use this opportunity to stock up supplies cheaply or get a bargain. You can, of course, send your own representative of your team into the wide world to get rid of unnecessary things profitably too.

On the battlefield, you will find traces of other players as well. On the map you will see some so-called "ghosts of the fallen", which are violet or yellow dots that indicate that someone died at this mark. If you move your units to this space, they gain experience, refresh their equipment, or find the remains of the killed characters. Often this is just garbage, which can be upgraded or repaired for a few coins.

For more impressions of Fire Emblem: Three Houses make sure to look forward to our review, while the game itself releases on July 26.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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