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Final Renfield trailer gives us an idea about what it's like to be Dracula's assistant

We agree. The cape is fly.

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While movie fans are probably looking toward The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Evil Dead Rise, Air, or Ghosted to be April's biggest movies, Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult are looking to shake things up with the daft and comedic Renfield.

With the film debuting in theatres on April 14, a final trailer has now been released, and this one gives us another look at what it truly is like being the assistant of Lord Dracula (Cage), and the sorts of efforts that Renfield (Hoult) has to go to serve his master.

But if you're unsure about the film, be sure to check out the latest trailer below, because it should answer most questions you have about how Dracula has been adapted into a modern day tale.


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