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Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI will have a small day-one patch after all

Square Enix won't keep its promise, but it's still quite impressive when the game was supposed to be on two Blu-Rays like FFVII: Rebirth.

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The development of Final Fantasy XVI was basically finished back in March, so many of us were willing to believe Square Enix when the developers said they weren't planning to make us download a day-one patch on the 22th of June. Unfortunately, we'll have to after all, but the there are some good news in there.

Naoki Yoshida and crew revealed several things in a long stream today, including the fact that Final Fantasy XVI will actually have a day-one patch. The good news is that it'll just be approximately 300 MB and polish the game's performance and fix a handful of bugs. A future update will also implement options to turn off motion blur, stop the camera from following Clive's movements automatically and a few other things based on player feedback after playing the demo.

Still pretty impressive in my book when we're talking about such a big game. In fact, the developers took this opportunity to reveal that the physical editions of Final Fantasy XVI were supposed to consist of two Blu-Rays like Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, but some last minute changes made it possible to put the entire experience into one.

Final Fantasy XVI

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