Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI might not see a simultaneous release on PS5 and PC

A new trailer from PlayStation Brazil has caused fans to speculate.

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A new trailer released on PlayStation Brazil's YouTube account has caused fans to speculate whether Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to the PC and PS5 on the same date. The trailer covers upcoming PS5 titles and shows flashes of Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Godfall. When it comes to showing Final Fantasy XVI it mentions the title will only be exclusive to PS5 for a limited period.

As pointed out by VG247, this could mean two separate things. It could either mean that the PC version is arriving at a later date or it could be coming to other platforms like Xbox in the near future. The meaning of this text is unclear, however, as there has been no official comment on the matter released by publisher and developer Square Enix.

Previously, Final Fantasy VII Remake launched exclusively for PS4 (it's coming to PS5 on June 10), and Final Fantasy XV released simultaneously on PS4 and Xbox with a PC version arriving later.

Final Fantasy XVI

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