Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI is reportedly very action-oriented

Don't expect this sequel to return back to the turn-based roots of the series.

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Some people still love the Final Fantasy games of yore with the turn based fighting, but Square Enix has clearly moved towards a more action-based system lately and even Final Fantasy VII: Remake turned into an action-fest. So what about Final Fantasy XVI?

Well, earlier today, producer Naoki Yoshida visited the Tokyo FM radio show One Morning to participate in "Game Hack", and shared a couple of nuggets about the upcoming games. Gematsu has kindly enough transcribed this and Yoshida revealed that "Final Fantasy XVI is quite action-oriented." When asked about how players who don't fancy action games will feel about this, he replied:

"We really want players to enjoy the story, so we're preparing a mode for players who want to focus on story. Since we have quite the substantial support actions, we're of course preparing something easy to operate and smooth to play. Don't worry too much."

Would you like Final Fantasy to return to the turn based RPG roots, or would you rather see them becoming even more like action games?

Final Fantasy XVI

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