Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV had the second biggest launch in franchise history

Can you guess which game beat it?

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Final Fantasy XV was (finally) released last week and the game had a huge launch. In fact, Square Enix claims it's the second biggest launch in the franchise history, as 2010's Final Fantasy XIII is the only game that had a more successful launch in terms of sales. Charts analyser GFK wrote this on their website today:

"Despite missing out on the top spot it's a great start for Square's beloved series. It ranks as the second best launch (by our market panel) behind 2010's 'Final Fantasy XIII'. 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' makes way for the new release dropping a spot to No3. Familiar titles jostle for position with 'Minecraft: Xbox Edition' pushing back into the Top 10 at No10. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Special Ed' benefits from retailer promotions climbing six places to No11."

"Ubisoft deliver Steep for PS4 and Xbox One with the snowboarding title making an impact at No24. In terms of Winter Sports titles it finds itself at No4 for week 1 panel sales just ahead of SSX Tricky. 'Super Mario Maker's dramatic surge back into the Top 40 is driven by the arrival of the 3DS version, which fires it back up to No25. Finally Take 2's 'Battleborn' continues to climb up the All Formats chart, making its way to No40 following recent promotions."

Which game do you enjoy more - Final Fantasy XV or XIII?

Final Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XV

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