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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV and The Sims 4 team up

Did you think Gordon Freeman coming to FFXV was weird? Check this out.

Last week, Square Enix made many of us raise an eyebrow or two when they revealed that it's possible to look like Half-Life's Gordon Freeman in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition if we purchase the game on Steam before May 1. Did you think that was weird and wonderful? Then you'll love this.

We're now told that there will be some extra goodies in store for those who buy Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition on Origin before May 1 as well. In fact, doing so will let you use The Sims 4's Llama suit, including the well-known plumbob over its head, and some new decals for the Regalia in the game. FFXV players aren't the only ones benefiting from this collaboration either.

The Sims 4 players will be able to download Noctis' outfit for their characters starting March 8, so this is a deal that works both ways, unlike the one with Steam (unless we're getting FFXV stuff in Half-Life 3, of course).

What do you think of the different collaborations we've seen in Final Fantasy XV since launch?

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