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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV's Rise of a New Sun patch gets new screens

We also have details on the Fan Festivals next year.

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Patch 4.2 is heading to Final Fantasy XIV in the future, but to keep fans satisfied until the launch of the update, Square Enix has provided us with some new screenshots of the content, as well as announcing further details for next year's fan festivals.

The upcoming patch, called Rise of a New Sun, brings a new chapter of the questline, and includes updates such as new trials and dungeons, a glamour system, and the Forbidden Land of Eureka. In fact, the announced update list can be found below:

New Main Scenario and Side Quests
New Raid Dungeon
The Forbidden Land of Eureka
Glamour System Updates
The Feast PvP Updates
Housing Updates
New Primal Battle
New Dungeons
A New Duty Recorder Feature
Updates to bard's performance actions, additional inventory through the use of a new companion storage feature, and more.

We also now know the dates and locations for the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals 2018-19, with North America kicking off the tour on November 16-17 in Las Vegas, before the tour heads to Europe in Paris in early 2019. Tokyo will see the festival conclude in March 2019, but if you want more details you can head over to the website or watch the trailer below.

What's more is that there's a free trial for the game as well, should you want to get involved as a new player. Are you hyped for the Fan Festivals?

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIV

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