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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV gets reborn

"A Realm Reborn".

Final Fantasy XI was a tremendously profitable game for Square Enix, pulling in lots of money over the years and spawning multiple expansions. Therefore, it's easy to see why the publisher doesn't want to give up on its online sequel - the much maligned Final Fantasy XIV just yet.

Instead, of letting it die a slow death, the company plans a massive relaunch and re-envisioning of the game dubbed "A Realm Reborn". The game has also been given a new website where all information on the game will be gathered to work as a hub for the experience.

And as if that wasn't enough Square Enix still plan on bringing the game out on Playstation 3, a version we haven't heard anything of since the PC version launched.

Check out the first few screens from "A Realm Reborn" below.

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIV

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