Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV beta for Xbox kicks off on February 21

And we'll get to know the game's official release date on Xbox once the beta has concluded.

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Last year, it was finally confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV was going to be released on Xbox after over 10 years of waiting, and that a beta for the format is planned to take place this month.

And Square Enix clearly want to keep their promise and has therefore now announced on the official home page that Final Fantasy XIV beta is scheduled for February 21, which allows new players on Xbox to explore Eorzea. An official release date is yet to be revealed for the game, but the post says it will happen "immediately following the conclusion of the open beta test", so April or May seems to be a qualified guess.

The post also says you need Game Pass (any tier) to play Final Fantasy XIV, which is a reasonable demand - although we cannot help but notice that there is no similar requirement for PS Plus for the PlayStation version of the game.

Final Fantasy XIV

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