Little Big Planet 2

Final Fantasy VII remade

Story recreated in Little Big Planet 2.

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Little Big Planet 2 player Jamie Colliver has gone to some extreme lengths to bare witness to his appreciation of Final Fantasy VII. With the promise of a potential remake of the classic game ever looming, he went ahead a recreated the entire game inside of Little Big Planet 2 using the Final Fantasy VII costumes released for the game. The entire soundtrack, all conversations, and even the boss battles and active battle system have been recreated. An effort that took Colliver a massive six months and that spans 20 Little Big Planet 2 levels.

Anyway, six videos detailing some of the action can be seen on Colliver's Youtube page.

Makes you want to go back and play it again, doesn't it? Or perhaps pop in Little Big Planet 2 and download Colliver's version. Credit to VG247 who directed our attention to it.

Little Big Planet 2

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