Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V to release on Steam later this month

Coming to Europe and PAL territories.

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More than twenty years after its original launch in Japan in 1992 on SNES, Final Fantasy V will land in a graphically fully updated version on PC in Europe and PAL territories on September 24.

Here are some handy bullet points if you need to know a little more about this 20 year old gem:

- Customize characters with an unprecedented degree of freedom with the job and ability system - 26 unique job classes!
- Veteran character designer Kazuko Shibuya has returned to recreate the characters and graphics for an enhanced experience!
- Updated controls and active-time battle system are optimized for fluid combat for PC.
- This new version also includes "The Sealed Temple" from the 2006 release, as well as the Tetsuya Nomura-designed optional boss Enuo, and an extraordinary soundtrack
- Includes STEAM trading cards and achievements.

Final Fantasy V will be available on Steam on 24 September. If you pre-order your copy on Steam, you'll get a discount of 10% on your purchase.

Final Fantasy V

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