Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy ice tray lets you chill out with a mini Buster Sword

Ironically, this ideal summer gift won't ship until October.

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Square Enix is known for pushing the boat out when it comes to merch. We've seen them make outfits for chihuahua's (other dogs are available), and now they're giving extreme fans yet another random thing to buy in the form of ice trays.

These Final Fantasy VII ice trays let you create quite the detailed model of a Buster Sword. Unfortunately, that mini sword will melt over time, but it's a pretty cool way to keep your drinks chilled and even stir them considering the ice model's size.

For $20, this is probably only for the most extreme Final Fantasy lovers. Also, if you order now, you'll be waiting until October for it to arrive, so no cooling yourself with a Buster Sword this summer.

Final Fantasy VII
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