Final Fantasy: Explorers

Final Fantasy: Explorers gets European release date

The game will be available early next year.

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During last night's Nintendo Direct the release date for Final Fantasy: Explorers was announced. The first title in the RPG series developed by Square Enix to land on Nintendo 3DS. The game, in fact, will debut on in Europe on January 29.

In this new adventure, for up to four players in local or online, players have different roles and will be able to choose from more than 20 professions, each with a unique set of special abilities. At its European launch, the game will include all additional content published in Japan, where the game has been available since late last year. There will be also a collector's edition that includes a CD with 20 songs, a special case for Nintendo 3DS and exclusive missions that let you to unlock some legendary weapons from the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy: Explorers

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