Battlefield V

Final Battlefield V update released today

Battlefield V got its very last content update today, adding new maps, weapons, vehicles and more.

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Today marks the release of the Summer Update for Battlefield V, which is interesting for two reasons. First and foremost it has a lot of relevant content, but secondly, it also marks the end of big updates for the game.

The Summer Update includes two maps, those being the brand new Al Marj Encampment, and a redesigned and fleshed out Provence which "has been extended to include the farm land, and areas around the outskirts of town, bringing tanks into this battlefield on 64-player Conquest, and Breakthrough". The Battlefield community manager Freeman also adds:

"Both of these maps feature the U.S. and German armies as the two playable factions, with additional changes having also been made to Twisted Steel and Panzerstorm. We'll be following up with a similar adjustment on Al Sundan later this month; in the interim this map won't feature in rotations while we make these changes. Twisted Steel and Panzerstorm will otherwise continue to operate as UK and German factions on Grand Operations and won't be adjusted in this mode."

Sounds good to us, below is the full list of weapons, vehicles and characters added with this final update:

New Weapons:
Sjögren Shotgun (Support)
Chauchat (Support)
M3 Infrared (Recon)
K31/43 (Recon)
Welgun (Medic)
M1941 Johnson (Assault)
PPK/PPK Suppressed (all classes)
M1911 Suppressed (all classes)
Welrod (all classes)

New Vehicles:
A-20 bomber (U.S. Faction)
P-70 Night Fighter (U.S. Faction)
P-51D fighter plane (U.S. Faction)
P-51K fighter plane (U.S. Faction)
M8 Greyhound (U.S. Faction)
Puma Armored Car (German Faction)

New Gadgets:
Doppel-Schuss (Recon)
RMN 50 Grenade Launcher (Recon)
Pistol Flamethrower (Assault)
Shaped Charge (Support)
Kampfpistole (Support)

New Grenades:
Firecracker Grenade (all classes)
Demolition Grenade (all classes)
Type 99 Mine (all classes)

New Soldier Characters:
14 New U.S. Faction Soldiers
2 New Japan Faction Soldiers

All this is now available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. DICE will still do anti-cheat work on the game, so they aren't moving away from it entirely, but don't expect any more content.

Battlefield V

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