Dead Island 2

Fight the undead during the music festival SoLA in Dead Island 2

SoLA has now been released and we have the launch trailer to show you everything it has to offer.

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Almost a month ago, Dambuster Studios announced their second major expansion (the first one, Haus, was released in the fall) for their hit game Dead Island 2, called SoLA. It is based around a major Californian music festival, which could be really cool if it wasn't for all the fairly zombified visitors (a bigger hassle than mud, mosquitoes, overpriced beer and portaloos!).

As you might expect, SoLA includes plenty of cool stuff like new enemies, more weapons, a new campaign, new locations and a whole lot more. It was released yesterday and we now have the launch trailer to give you an impression on what to expect.

Don't forget that Dead Island 2 was recently added for Game Pass if you want to try it out.

Dead Island 2

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