Street Fighter V

Fight like Ryu with boxing gloves that make cool sound effects

Bring an extra level to the ring now you can hadouken your opponents.

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Now you can soon be as cool as Street Fighter's Ryu. All you have to do is buy the boxing gloves that Super Complete Selection Games has now released for pre-order. Not only do they look like the gloves that Ryu wears in Street Fighter V, but they also have built-in sound effects that activate when you perform Ryu's classic moves!

In a very cool video you can check out here you can see for yourself how cool it is to recreate classic moves like "Hadoken" and "Shoryuken" and the gloves vibrate and play a classic sound effect when you make a punch with them. There's also an extra game mode and a bonus track, so you can stand in the living room looking cool and making cool punches.

The gloves can be ordered via Bandai's Japanese Site until 15 September. They will then be sent out in January next year. You'll have to check the site if you're looking to buy a pair, though, as it seems Bandai does not ship to every international territory.

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Street Fighter V

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