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FIFA's Legends are now cross-platform and called Icons

Ronaldo, no, this time the other one, will be a pre-order incentive.

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During this past week there has been talk about the possibility of EA Sports moving closer to PlayStation and Sony after several years of exclusive features landing only on Xbox One. One aspect of the partnership between Microsoft and EA Sports was the exclusiveness of the "Legends" part of FUT, but this is no longer the case.

The trailer for FIFA 18 landed today, and in doing so confirmed the game's shift closer to PS4. EA Sports took the opportunity to announce a revised feature coming to both PS4 and Xbox One, Icons, which replaces Legends.

There will even be a special edition dedicated to these Icons, which includes the loan of Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) during five matches in the Ultimate Team Mode.

On June 10 we'll hopefully be getting more details about this part of the game, and we should have plenty more to tell you about FIFA 18 with the publisher showing the game off as part of its pre-E3 event, EA Play.


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