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FIFAe is expanding its efforts with more women's initiatives

The FameHerGame programme aims to see men and women competing together at the highest level of FIFA esports.

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FIFA has announced its intentions to encourage diversity at the highest level of esports competition, all in the form of launching a programme called FameHerGame, which will affect the FIFAe scene.

The idea of this programme is to see men and women both competing together at the highest level of professional FIFA esports, and it will look to tackle this challenge by building grassroots opportunities and creating a safe space for women to compete in the FIFAe ecosystem. There will be bootcamps to give aspiring female players a chance to compete, all on top of tournaments and opportunities to attend the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand later this year.

Coaching support, help with content creation, and teachings about other relevant topics is also promised at the bootcamps, and as for who will be able to attend these bootcamps, one participant will be selected by each Member Association to attend, on top of invitees from the ECL and other league partners.


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