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FIFA 23 will be cross-play, PC version is now new gen

For the first (and the last) time in the series, EA Sports will let PlayStation users face Xbox users in 1v1 and more. But, how does it work with the specific versions? We've got the breaking details.

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The FIFA 23 producers weren't referring to only the sheer scale of the game itself when they said it's "the biggest FIFA ever" during its BCD presentation the other day at the EA Vancouver offices. It will also be the one "with the biggest pool of current-gen players", and that's thanks to its debuting cross-play feature.

That's right: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S users will be able to play 1v1 matches but not only them, as both Stadia and PC will also join the same pool. This takes us to the other big announcement: answering to one of the most requested features by the community, the PC version of FIFA 23 has been fully upgraded to the latest engine, meaning that, besides HyperMotion 2 and the other modern updates, it's now considered "next gen" (or newer/current gen) and thus it's able to share that bigger pool online.

What is more, cross-play also affects last-gen versions, meaning PS4 and Xbox One can also play together (but not vs current gen as there are essential gameplay differences).

Besides, the 1v1 includes Online Friendlies, Online Seasons and FIFA Ultimate Team in FUT 23 Play A Friend. In short:

Who can I play in FIFA 23 1v1 online matches?

  • "Gen 5" pool: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, PC, Stadia

  • "Gen 4" pool: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • "Legacy Edition" pool: Nintendo Switch

During the FIFA 23 presentation Gamereactor attended at the EA offices in Vancouver, Line Producer Matt Lafreniere admitted that not only the cross-play feature "will help matchmaking in FIFA 23", but also that EA already has "plans to expand it in the future".

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