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FIFA 23 brings Volta Football and Pro Clubs "a little bit closer"

Some of the new dribbling arcade games look like a footie version of Fall Guys.

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With all the exclusive FIFA 23 coverage we've been bringing you for the past few weeks, with the season having kicked-off in some countries, and of course with the new game around the corner as it releases on September 30, there's just a few checkboxes yet to tick in terms of specific details. For example, we're yet to publish some in-depth details its producers shared with us in Vancouver, we can't talk about FUT until August 11... and then many of you were asking about Volta and Pro Clubs, as they're quite popular modes.

Both were tackled at the same time during the presentation of the game in Canada. And why? Game design director for this portion Richard Walz explained that they're bringing both "a little bit closer together this year as connecting with friends is core to these". As such, as you play your way to grow as a pro, there's shared season progression and customisation for Pro Clubs and Volta.

Walz talked for example about the new Skill games in Pro Clubs, used to earn XP, to sharpen abilities and to compete with the club in a different way. There will be 66 games, and you'll also get XP from all Volta matches to "grow as a pro".

We particularly loved some of the new dribbling arcade games, which looked like something taken from Fall Guys and other crazy multiplayer games, including flying cannons or moving props. Besides, there are up to 100 levels to unlock for the players, and as per community feedback "there are no long gaps between playing and levelling, so that you unlock perks earlier". In this shared progression system, season points and Volta coins are all season-based, and whatever you buy can be used with both avatars.

There's Vanity Designs, tattoos ("we've heard you wanted them in Pro Clubs"), new facial accessories, face painting "to celebrate the upcoming World Cup fandom" and many more cosmetics, most based on lots of licensed partners, as EA plans to keep adding new content throughout the season.

The other specific thing we liked about Volta's new features comes via HyperMotion2, as you can try and perform Messi's recent scissor kick but then get an AR-powered replay you share with your friends. By the way, Drop In matches are now 4-minutes long, also based on feedback, and include golden goal, rotating kits and stadiums, balanced match ratings (more fair to those that are not putting the ball in the net) and more. It'll be interesting to try out all this at the new Volta stadium, with a bigger pitch and nets, providing for more space for runs or nice passes to the bounce walls.

Will you be playing Volta Football and Pro Clubs in FIFA 23?


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