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FIFA 22 will allow you to preview FUT packs content

But only in specific packs and with a 24 hour refresher.

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Last June EA tried out a new feature in FIFA 21, allowing players to preview the content in certain FUT packs. This feature was only available during the Festival of FUTball, but now we've learned that FIFA 22 will already launch with this feature.

As far as we can tell from the information released by EA Sports, only Premium Gold and Premium Silver packs will be covered by this feature, which works as follows:

Basically, there will be two versions of Premium Gold and Premium Silver packs - a version that will allow content preview, and another that won't. The version that will not allow content preview can be purchased at any time, while the version that will allow content preview will have a 24-hour refresher. Regardless of you choosing to buy it or not, you will need to wait 24 hours until you can access a new pack with a preview option.

This will be the format when FIFA 22 releases on October 1, but it seems the plan is to add new package types with a preview option over the months. On the official website you can read about additional FUT 22 details.


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