FIFA 22 Guide: The Six Best Tips

Want to improve your gameplay experience? Here's how.

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The official release date for FIFA 22 is October 1st, but many players - ourselves included - have already got access to the game via EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate. In our case we even got a review version, without the 10-hour limitation, which allowed us to explore a number of functions and possibilities within the game. As such, here are six tips that can help you play better and improve the overall gaming experience.

1. Change the controller settings
In terms of buttons configuration itself we advise you to use the settings you find most practical, as some players prefer to use a configuration closer to Pro Evolution Soccer (or eFootball, as it's now known). However, there are many other options you can change that will have a big impact on how you play.

First of all, if you want to play online, switch on the competitive mode option. This will automatically change a number of settings, which will be the mandatory default for online gameplay. In other words, you need to used to playing like this if you intend to play online. We also recommend turning off Timed Finishing. Yes, it's true that you may be able to shoot more effectively with this option turned on, but unless you've actually mastered this feature, chances are you'll miss more goals then you'll score with this option turned on. We also advise you to have Pass Block Assistance turned on, as this will allow your team's artificial intelligence to block some opposing passes automatically.

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There are other functions that you can try turning on or off, but they are related to your personal preference. Just experiment and see what works and what doesn't.

2. Choose a more effective camera
The camera that is activated by default in FIFA 22 is much more oriented towards spectacle and graphics. It's prime goal is make the goal look good, but that's not necessarily the most effective way to play. So, if you want to be more competitive, we strongly advise you to change your game camera. Your goal should be to obtain a camera angle that is always parallel to the turf, offering great visibility of the pitch. In our case we like to play with Tele Broadcast, increasing the height and zooming out in the specific camera settings. Co-Op perspective is another good option with excellent visibility of the field, while remaining totally parallel to the turf.

3. Try to block passes
This tip may seem a bit obvious, but it's truer than ever in FIFA 22. The way defenders let strikers go loose, especially in the centre of the defence, can result in a series of against goals. Since the artificial intelligence doesn't do a very good job of covering the opponent, and it's difficult to take the ball from the AI carrier, the best option to avoid goals will be to try and block the passing lines. It won't be easy, but try to use midfielders to block passes near your area, containing your opponent with L2/LT - and never move the central defenders away from the area, or you will open a hole in your area (more then it's already there).

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4. Do all the Skill Games
If you've been playing FIFA for a few years, you might be tempted to ignore Skill Games, but you shouldn't. All challenges have been adapted to represent this year's gameplay changes, and are also a great way to adapt to changes in movement, tackles, passes, and shots. For all that, we advise you to play all the Skill Games once more, and if possible, until you get good scores in each one. As in real life, training and practice makes perfection.

5. Don't ignore tactics
Tactics are sometimes ignored by players, but you shouldn't. In addition to choosing the formation, you must also change not only tactics, but also individual player instructions. For example, you can't complain about a striker failing to rush forward if he's instructed to fall back and ask for the ball on his feet... Think about the style of play you want to apply and define tactics and instructions in order to ensure that players behave according to that style. Also spend some time defining tactics for the several game situations, namely attack and defence, because all of this can really make a difference.

6. Master some skill moves
FIFA 22 has a huge roster of skill moves you can perform, but memorizing them all can be hard. Instead try to learn three or four that are really useful, mainly from the two or three stars categories, as you'll be able to perform them with most players. More important than learning a fancy skill is learning a useful skill, and then mastering it. That means knowing the best time to execute it relative to your player's and your opponent's positions. The practice arena is a great way to get acquainted with the skill moves. Afterwards, when you feel comfortable, you can try and learn some of the more advanced skills, although you will then need players with four and five stars on skill moves.

These are six tips that we consider essential to get the best out of FIFA 22. Like real football, only with practicing will you be able to improve, and only facing strong players or opponents will you be able to learn. Don't settle for the easy path and you'll be a better player for it. Other then that, good luck and have fun with your new football sim!


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