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FIFA 22 coming "free" to PlayStation Plus in May according to leak

The usual source is back with May's free games catalogue for PS5 and PS4 online service users.

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May is approaching and Sony is preparing a new batch of free PS Plus games. This month's catalogue seems to come with sport as a flagship because, according to a recent leak, FIFA 22 for PS4 and PS5 is going to be among the free PS Plus games for May 2022. But, as usual, it's only part of a three title line-up.

EA Sports' sports title is next month's big star, as Dealabs reports. Alongside it will be Curse of the Dead Gods for PS4, from Passtech Games; and Tribes of Midgard for PS4 and PS5, from Norsfell Games and Gearbox Publishing.

It's only a matter of time before Sony makes an official announcement, but based on what's happened in recent months, there will be no last-minute surprises and these will be the three free games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Plus users next month. Will this be part of EA's farewell to FIFA?

FIFA 22 coming "free" to PlayStation Plus in May according to leak

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