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FIFA 20 "looks much closer to real-life football"

We talked to Sam Rivera at EA Play and the FIFA producer had plenty to tell us about the new features coming in this year's iteration.

We were able to get our hands on FIFA 20 at EA Play this weekend, and we were also lucky enough to grab a word with producer Sam Rivera, who had lots to talk about, including changes being made on the ball, off the ball, and to the ball itself. One of the notable areas of improvement seems to be dead ball situations.

"You have more control," Rivera told us at EA Play when discussing the new free kicks and penalties. "First of all, the aiming mechanics are simple but there's more elements of skill in there, to make sure there's something for you to learn, to master in those systems.

"In freekicks, for example, you swing your right stick and then that means spin on the ball. So you can do side-spin, top-spin, or no spin, and that means the trajectory you see is going to be very curved, or it's going to go over the wall and then drop, or you can do a knuckle shot. So there is a lot of things happening in those systems as well."


After getting feedback on last year's shooting system, Rivera told us that the studio is "tuning the fundamentals of shooting. We're improving them to make sure that shooting makes more sense; if you're in a one-on-one with the keeper, it should be easier to score than if you are far away and doing a volley, for example."

"We also have a brand new ball physics system in FIFA that just makes the ball feel more authentic, just the way it bounces," Rivera explained. "When you do a pass you see more bounces, when you shoot you see more pronounced trajectory, so you can see a dipping shot, a rising shot. If you do a finesse shot you'll see more curve. When the ball hits the player you see a more authentic deflection."

"So altogether - the positioning of the players, the tools that you have on the ball - when you look at the game it just looks much closer to real-life football and that's exactly what we wanted to achieve with FIFA 20."

FIFA 20 is set to land on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 27. It's heading to Nintendo Switch too, but not with the new Volta Football modes that are being added to the other versions of the game (and you can read more about the return of street football to the series right here if you want to know more).

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