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FIFA 19 celebrating Champions League with new incentives

As the tournament enters the knockout stage, we have some new cover stars and reasons to jump into FIFA Ultimate Team.

EA Sports is celebrating the knockout stages of the Champions League by releasing new cover artwork for FIFA 19 featuring three players that are still in the competition with their respective teams - Neymar with PSG, Kevin De Bruyne with Manchester City, and Paulo Dybala with Juventus.

Also, as of right now players who buy FIFA 19 and haven't played Ultimate team - including EA and Origin Access trials - can start their squad with one of these players on a 10-match loan, also receiving special Champions League content including four special kits and five Champions League player items up to an 85 overall rating.

Champions and Ultimate Editions on PC, PS4, and Xbox One also include extra Ultimate Team content like Jumbo Premium packs, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar loan items for a limited number of matches, special edition kits designed by soundtrack artists, and more.

FIFA 19 players have played over 55 million Champions League matches in over 180 countries so far, so it's proven a popular inclusion into FIFA, as you can see in the infographic below.

Who is your team in the Champions League?


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