FIFA 18 predicted the World Cup champions

It wasn't as accurate with de Gea, though.

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Back in May FIFA 18 was updated with brand new features for the World Cup, and at that time EA did a simulation to try and predict the tournament's outcome, inviting players to try their own version in-game. It turns out that their prediction was pretty good, as France were the winners of both EA's tournament and the real thing, as we saw with their victory over Croatia in Moscow yesterday.

They also nailed it by predicting a pretty European tone to the final rounds, and a very strong Belgium side. They didn't, however, hit the bullseye, as they anticipated strong performances by Spain and Germany, with the former having David de Gea as best goalkeeper and Isco as top scorer, the latter also reaching the finals against France. On top of that, it was Croatia's Luka Modrić, and not France's Antoine Griezmann, who was given the honour of tournament MVP.

So it seems EA's 'Predictor' isn't as reliable as one may think by looking at 2018's world champions, but they didn't do badly. Did you predict that France would be winners?


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